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Views can be used in place of tables in your Access front-end application, whether you're using an Access database or an Access project.

Views can also reference functions and other views.

This can be implemented using the Once the view is created, its definition will be unreadable, as shown in Figure 9.2.

For example, the following view selects a customer's total orders and contains joins between the Customers table, the Orders table, and the Order Details table. Instead, define views with only selected columns to implement column-level security and define views with a clause to implement row-level security.A table Asp Net User Claims has an Identity column that is shown with the correct annotation (I believe) in the migration script: EF Core version: (found in or packages.config) Microsoft. After the autoincrement annotation, add the following. VS 2013 or n/a) Visual Studio 2015 Professional Other details about my project setup: None of relevance as far as I'm aware.Views give you a mechanism for presenting the same data to different users in different ways. As long as both the view and the Customers table are owned by dbo, the permissions granted on the view will take precedence over permissions removed from the Customers table. Because views allow you to restrict the rows and columns that are available, using them as a security tool is very convenient.Columns and rows can be restricted, allowing users to focus on specific data that interests them. This also helps network performance because less data is traveling over the wire to client applications. For example, you could create two views on an Employees table, one with a sensitive salary column included that only managers had permissions on, and a second view with that column omitted for everyone else.

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